The professional answer

Allow our receptionists to answer your calls promptly and professionally

Who is answering your calls when you can't?

Don’t leave your callers waiting in a queue

Provide your business with the professional image of a true receptionist experience

We answer your calls

We take messages
& forward calls

We specialize in
appointment scheduling

Many more features

Instant activation and real-time contact management

ReceptionHQ offers a unique mobile experience to manage your receptionist settings

  • Change your greetings
  • Change your status
  • Automatic location settings
  • Many more features...

A global success story built on customer loyalty

More than 25,000 happy customers

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Design Company

CK Office Designs represents some of the leading manufacturers of office furniture and accessories. Working closely with architects and contractors READ MORE

Financial Services

Litigation Capital Investors, Inc has been the leading provider of legal funding programs to accident victims for their personal injury cases since 1999 READ MORE

Health Services

In November 2012, I set up a temporary virtual receptionist service, which included scheduling appointments for my Physiotherapy Practice, while I was travelling overseas READ MORE

About ReceptionHQ


ReceptionHQ provides specialized, professional, outsourced telephone answering services, including messaging and appointment scheduling - all built and delivered on a cloud-based platform serving over 25,000 global customers.

Established in 2003 in Australia as OfficeHQ, ReceptionHQ was launched in the US in 2007 and the UK in 2010. Founded by David Atkinson, an IT entrepreneur with 30 years’ experience building software and telephony systems for large corporates, ReceptionHQ is a fast growing, private company with global operations in the US, Canada, UK, Australasia and Japan.

We were the first virtual reception service provider to launch with an in-house developed, cloud communications platform, comprising an integrated, real-time billing, voice and CRM system, with the ease of instant activation and pay-as-you-go subscriptions.

ReceptionHQ embraces activity-based and flexible working; employing a fully-trained remote workforce, located in three collaborative hubs around the world in the US, UK and Australia..