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We deliver Reception as a Service™ for your business

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ReceptionHQ delivers a seamless, outsourced reception service so that you will never miss a call again!

The ReceptionHQ outsourced Reception as a Service™ enables you and your team to manage call preferences on the go using our on-line customer portal or smart phone apps.

With our unique technology platform providing our highly trained receptionists with real-time information, they know whether your employees are available for call transfers or whether a message needs to be sent.

Our operators are available 24x7 and we can scale to handle high volumes of calls for peak periods and to provide a professional face to your business when you or your staff are unable to get to the phone.

We are also able to provide instant activation of our call answering services for issue escalation or in the event of an emergency/disaster.

Grow revenues through improved customer service, increased productivity and reduced costs

Whether you are using our outsourced Reception as a Service™ to handle overflow, after-hours callers, manage peak periods and staff shortages or to replace your total business phone answering requirements, your service will be efficient and seamless to your callers, delivering the highest levels of customer service.

Through outsourcing your call answering to ReceptionHQ, you not only reduce the costs to your business, you are also managing your risk. ReceptionHQ employ failover strategies and guarantee high standards of call efficiency and call quality.

ReceptionHQ can proudly state that we will respond to 90% of calls within 10 seconds compared to the industry standard of 80% of calls within 20 seconds.

This KPI means significantly reduced abandoned calls, highly improved customer and stakeholder satisfaction, increased productivity and reduced costs to your business.

The ReceptionHQ standards of excellence are achieved through uncompromising attention to training and operator development.

Our world class training programs are delivered in our dedicated training facilities in Australia, the US and the UK and we continue to ensure call quality and efficiency through call monitoring.

Our supervisors and trainers provide ongoing one-on-one coaching to ensure our receptionists are always considered the best in the business!

Important considerations

Choosing your corporate Reception as a Service™ provider

  • Does your service provider deliver considerably better quality call answering services than just passing on messages?
  • Will they guarantee to answer your calls within a minimum SLA - ReceptionHQ answer 90% of calls within 10 seconds; dramatically reducing abandoned call rates?
  • Do they enable instantaneous service delivery at the click of an icon and service availability 24x7?
  • Can they provide 24x7 access to contact preferences for every contact via the web or smart phone apps (iPhone & Android)?
  • Do they have a proven track record of delivering the highest level of customer service by highly trained, experienced, professional receptionists?
  • Are your virtual receptionists off-site but not on-shore or working out of a call Center?
  • Does your service provider charge based on usage (usually per minute) using real-time call and message handling data and provide real-time access to billing information?
  • Can your service provider give you scalability and flexibility? ReceptionHQ deploy state-of-the-art integrated technology solutions, a proven telecommuting model and a locally based, global support team that can support tens of thousands of calls per day.